Master's Program in Consulting: Getting into a Prestigious Firm.

January 13, 2020



Master in Management or MiM graduates are sought after by all top consulting firms. At the prestigious academies like London Business School, over 45% of the MiM opt for consulting. Just because it is sought out, or famous doesn’t make landing these jobs any easier either. This is why, to provide some edge for competition, the world's top schools are providing master degree in consulting. A specialization of sorts.


So how does this change affect the otherwise tough competition? With the boom in the field of technology, consultants have to diversify their skillset and thus they have to the jack of all trades if they have to survive in the consulting field. They have to apply this knowledge into the problems faced by their clientele and solve it all. So the idea is to develop leaders who are well versed in the digital field as well as the money market.


Some examples of institutes that have taken this step to further education includes Warwick Business School of the United Kingdom. One of their programs which is MSc Business with Consulting is taught by professors in collaboration with strategists from prestigious firms. They have liev consulting engagements and IT experience gain platforms. This provides graduates with a solid foundation in both business and marketing concepts and well as technical side to their studies.


The Henley Business School in the UK has a MSc Business Technology Consulting course which introduces the students to studies and prepares them for clientele who deal with robotics, IoT and latest technology. They are putting into practice the earlier idea of development of digital leaders. The course is designed using inputs from various scholars and successful people in the corresponding fields.


Thus in practise, these courses provides the students with the edge that is the consulting and technical exposure that they might require. With competition getting fiercer day by day, the methods of study evolve as well.


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