ForeignAdmits came up with an intriguing journey of a mechanical engineer from IIT to UC Berkeley and a detailed guide on how one can land up in a top college in the USA.


A quick shot of how Anurag Roy beat the odds to get into the Department of Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley. A most awaited and inspiring story of this winters – with UC Berkley admit in his pocket, the new chapter of his life begins. Carrying a new excitement knew no bounds when he realized he would be starting his MS/Ph.D. stint by learning on the area of his passion. The journey of a GEM (General Engineer Male) in Berkeley. 


“If it’s bound to happen, It will happen in all due time” – so just hold tight your curiosity, the spirit of wonder and adventure within your soul and groom yourself to stand out. Read an inspiring story of Anurag, how he got an admit of UC Berkley in this world of so much chaos and so many challenges. A GEM with over 2 years of experience in Automobile transmission dreaming to get into the world’s finest Grad school is nothing short of a Herculean task. Read the exciting plight of this GEM – an amazing man whose hard & smart work paid off today. 


One after another, the notifications for admissions in various Grad schools will come knocking on your doors. But before you start wracking your brains – you must first do one thing: Strategise.

We all know that getting into the best grad school to chase your dreams is not a cakewalk. You are pitted against the best minds of the world. While hard work is a prerequisite but you should be smart in setting up your goals so strategize and think about the big picture. Read this amazing story about how Anurag develop strategize everything and convert his grad school of dreams.

So align your strength and interest with ForeignAdmits.


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